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Modem 3G/GSM USB

Modem 3G/GSM USB

"3G USB Modem for SMS based alerting (Zoom 4595 - Unlocked)"

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The Model 4595 is an unlocked 3G mobile broadband modem that works with service providers around the world.

The 4595 supports data rates of up to 7.2 Mbps on downloads and 5.76 Mbps for uploads using a wide range of cellular data communications standards.

Standards including: HSDPA, HSUPA, UMTS, EDGE. Tri-band frequency support allows to operate nearly anywhere GSM data service can be purchase.

Technical Details

- Brand Name: Zoom Telephonics
- Model: 4595-00-00F
- Hardware Platform: PC, Mac
- Form Factor: External
- Connectivity Technology: Wireless
- Networking Feature: None
- Width: 3.3 inches
- Depth: 1.1 inches
- Height: 0.5 inches
- Weight: 1.1 Ounces

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