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1x2 Gigabit Aggregation Filter Tap

1x2 Gigabit Aggregation Filter Tap
VSS Monitoring

"Tap Aggrégateur 10/100/1000 1x2 avec fonction de filtrage"

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The 1x2 10/100/1000 Aggregation Filter Tap allows the failsafe pass through of duplex data over standard UTP Cat5 cable. This aggregation tap enables both sides of the duplex link to be monitored on a single

A per port filter option enables traffic screening on layers 2-4 allowing users to Drop or Pass the traffic
selection. Input filters eliminate potential packet loss during Aggregation while Output filters increase Analyzer efficiency. Hardware-Based Filtering also allows traffic to be distinguished according to source and destination address as well as by specific protocols, such as HTTPS, VoIP, VLAN, etc. Management interfaces include Telnet, HTTP, and SNMP. SNMP traps notify the user of configuration changes, user logins (successful and failed logins) and link up/down.

For Gigabit copper ethernet networks, vAssure™ reduces normal failover time (300ms-3s) to 50-150ms,
which registers as merely noise on the wire, resulting in no link loss or spanning tree reconfiguration. Without
vAssure, the convergence time can be several minutes long. A minor outage of a single link can cause a
major outage.

LinkSafe™ feature enables copper link failures to be observed by network elements on both sides of the
Tap, thereby enabling routers and switches to execute redundancy whenever such failures occur.



- vAssure™ for network reliability
- LinkSafe™ ensures proper spanning tree failover
- Input Hardware-Based Filtering functionality for:
- IP address/range
- MAC address
- TCP/UDP port
- VLAN / QoS
- IP type-of-service
- Network Speed: 10/100/1000 Mbps
- Monitor Speed: 10/100/1000 Mbps
- Auto negotiation, Auto MDI/X
- VOIP, ʻPower over Ethernet' enabled
- Hardware-Based Filtering functionality on layers 2-4:
- Filters include PASS/DROP selection
- Input Filter, Output Filters, combo ports
- Thumbscrews for easy installation
- Dual Universal power supplies for global use


Aggregation reduces ports required on monitoring device
Input Filters eliminate packet loss
Output Filters increase analyzer efficiency
Local management via serial port
Remote management via Telnet, HTTPS & SNMP
SNMP traps provide remote user with real time notification and performance assurance
Guaranteed preservation of packet order
Easy Plug and Play Installation
Total Visibility - Complete data capture at full line rates
Total Stealth - Tap shields monitoring device from intruders
Total Security from downtime - Device fails closed during power loss

Promega - Réseaux hautes performances

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