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1x1 10/100 TX Copper Tap

1x1 10/100 TX Copper Tap
VSS Monitoring

"1x1 10/100 Copper Tap"

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The 1x1 10/100 Copper Tap allows uninterrupted pass-through of data over standard UTP copper cable. Featuring Auto-Negotiation between 10Mbps and 100Mbps this Tap will duplicate the network signals (including all data and timing errors) to the transmit-only monitoring ports. 

The ZERO Delay feature ensures no loss or interruption of network data when power to the Tap fails. Multiple LEDs provide useful speed & activity indication for easy installation and troubleshooting in the event of connection to faulty network equipment.



• Network Speed: 10/100 Mbps
• Full and Half Duplex
• VOIP & 'Power over Ethernet' enabled 
• 4 - RJ45 connector ports
• 2 - full duplex network ports
• 2 - transmit-only monitoring ports 
• LED indicating power status
• 4 - LEDs showing link / activity
• Thumbscrews for easy installation


• Total Visibility 
Complete data capture at full line rates 
• Total Stealth 
Tap shields monitoring device from intruders 
• Total Security 
100% Uptime. Power loss cannot cause Tap to drop network link 
• Zero Delay on active-passive switching
• Easy Plug and Play Installation

Promega - Réseaux hautes performances

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